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An attempt to resolve one’s own inner battles, Settle internal conflicts – by having a vent out / seek advice from other user. Conflict resolution – while maintaining ANONYMITY.

  • Power to express yourself in Anonymity.
  • Also give advice & listen to issue of other spanning genres.
  • Seek to develop a community – develop a voice of mass
  • Serves as an outlet for suppressed feelings and emotions.
  • Evolved users – to be made moderators & can earn per advice.
  • mi-Adda

    m-Marketing suite is designed to enable the marketers whether the operator or any 3rd party enterprise to promote their products. It lets the marketer to search and target the right customer .

  • Delivers SMS, USSD and voice based promotions.
  • Ideal For push and pull based apps, such as alerts, promotions, voting, downloads & contests.
  • Customer Profiling and designing campaigns for target.
  • 4 million+ active users across Africa.
  • Increases revenue for Operator / Enterprises in range of 10- 15%.
  • Sending promotional messages to subscribers who login into the network after long.
  • Customized promotional messages according to user profile.
  • Enhances User Retention.
  • Append promotional advertisements with Balance check notifications,recharge notification and in charging based notifications.
  • Increases Customer Awareness.
  • mi Life

    miLife is designed to act as career shaping tool for the students & professionals at large, via the community build up & sharing static & dynamic information over IVR / WAP / SMS for various educational & vocational career options.

  • A service for aspiring Students & Professionals for getting Online Guidance.
  • Provides all relevant information over IVR / WAP / SMS.
  • Allows people of similar interest to get connected and discuss future possibilities.
  • Allows people to talk to experts.
  • Unique ID for each member – for direct connect & community build up. Users are targeted through their performance in exams: by mapping results with their future prospects. *Tie-up’s with Educational Institutes / Conducting Seminars.

    mi Faith

    miFaith is an intense emotion of sublime nature with which a person makes a total surrender to a personal form of God. In every religion, it represents the attitude that helps to build a variety of complex yet beautiful relationships between God and His devotees like parent-child, master-servant, lover-beloved or friend- friend.

  • Prayers
  • Offerings from Spiritual Guru’s
  • Input from related TV Channels
  • Know your Religion
  • Meditation Tips
  • Push Based Content
  • OBD subscriptions
  • Donations
  • Ask for views
  • Communities
  • Learning
  • Live Streaming: Their all will be section through which people can tune in to the live Aarti / Events going on at their Tirath Sthal like Balaji Temple / Sai Dham , local temples in Bangalore etc.
  • Utility Alerts: Going forward there will be an utility through which people can keep in touch with the list of events that are going around corresponding to their faith / belief, same will be communicated to their inbox with the help of a SMS alert.
  • Enterprise Suite

    ZERO CAPEX: Hosted Platform Based on Cloud Telephony. SECURITY: multiple levels to stop unintended callers from joining audio conference. 24x7 AVALABILITY Unlimited AUDIO CONFERENCE CAPACITY. RELIABILITY: 99.999% guaranteed.

  • M- Receptionist : Never miss a Call even when you are not working. Fit for SME looking for a Professional Phone
  • Intelligent IVR: Customise & Automate Calls. Web UI for 24x7 change management. Increase/Decrease your Capacity anytime.
  • M-Talk: Hi Quality Conference Facility. No Limit on Users. Highly Secured with Recording and Analytics. Full Administrator Control.
  • Smart Fax: Fastest and Easiest way of Sending and Receiving Fax. No Hassle to buy or Maintain a Fax Machine
  • Small and Medium Enterprises can breathe easy as they do not have to invest in large Capex inspite of a small setup requirement.
  • Complete Management and 24x7 support available.
  • UI for configuring IVR flow, providing 100% control in the hands of the customer.
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